Cutting Back and Handing Off

I began this blog about three years ago.  Since then:

  • I’m amazed by the exponential increase in available resources about race/racism – an explosion in the number of blogs, podcasts, articles, videos, etc..
  • I’m aware that so many of these resources, especially those authored by Black people, have much more to offer you than I might.
  • And I’ve become much more involved in direct action – mainly in action toward police reform.  This leaves less time and energy for the blog.

For all those reasons, I’m going to be trimming back the frequency of my posts, and I’m recommending that you check out the other resources I’ve listed here.

I’ll continue to offer commentaries now and then, still the semi-informed, white-guy perceptions about what I’m seeing or experiencing, almost exclusively focused on current situations in Rochester, NY. 

And I’ll take this occasion to thank all of you, for reading, commenting, affirming, and passing on these reflections!  Special thanks to my editor Mary Heveron-Smith for protecting you from my misspellings, obscure references and un-synced syntax.

Consider these resources for regular doses of insights, action opportunities and history:

Note To My White Self by James Mulholland.  He has about 10,000 subscribers.  His latest offer reinforced my decision to cut back on my writing and to refer: 
“White People Are Neither Brave Nor Brilliant”

Check out Ally Henny on FB.  She is also creating a podcast.  Straight talk.

Some other FB possibilities:  Shaun King, Alicia Garza, Son of Baldwin.

Pay attention to articles and opinion pieces from Howard Eagle.  He is a long-time educator and advocate, and a source of historical perspectives on current situations in Rochester.  You can follow him on FB.

Nanette D. Massey from Buffalo, authors a blog, “Trying to help my white allies figure this whole ‘race’ thing out.”

“Sounds True:  Waking Up the World”  Podcast with an array of guests and topics. 

And a couple of other good podcasts:  “Seeing White” from and “Code Switch” from NPR.

540WMain, Inc. has a variety of Black-led workshops and seminars, and occasional blog posts.

Showing Up for Racial Justice – ROC  has interesting workshops.

Subscribe to “Minority Reporter,” a Black-owned, Rochester-based print or on-line weekly that frequently gives a perspective on local news not found in mainstream media.

Same for “Tocsin Magazine,” a weekly which highlights social justice work around the U.S..  Also a blog.

14 thoughts on “Cutting Back and Handing Off”

  1. Frank, glad this is only a “cutting back!” Your blog is informative, stimulating and provokes introspection. We need this and have benefitted. Thank you, and please don’t go!


  2. Frank, I wanted to thank you for making your idea for a blog a reality. You’ve spoken candidly about your own internal conflicts, and in doing so I’m sure have helped many others, including myself, to conduct our own self evaluations. Thank you for making me feel uncomfortable, as discomfort can be such a great motivator! Please continue to make your voice heard, my friend.


  3. Frank … you probably have seen this already but I wanted to post it here as well. Your blog was forwarded to over 100 people in my net. All the best in your continued great work … Bill
    All: … Please see the attached link to perhaps one of the last ‘White Guy in Rochester’ blogs.

    Frank has impacted many people over the years as a leader in increasing White awareness regarding the racism in our midst and more importantly directing our attention to move towards becoming an anti-racist. And if there is any doubt that our White supremacy instincts are not alive and well, you can just replay in your mind the images of the Capital Insurrection just two weeks ago. At least hope prevails today as the country attempts to move on.

    So I want to publicly thank Frank for his great work and for being a friend, colleague, mentor, and fellow McQuaid alum … please see his list of resources and references as we all must play a part in the pursuit “Of Liberty and Justice For All”! … and one simple thing anyone can do is to forward this blog on to others within your own nets and social media.

    Peace … Bill


    1. As I’ve told Bill many times, his responses have always been appreciated – not because of the words, but because he puts things into action!!! The Town of Fairport has often received a kick in the butt from this man!


  4. Thanks, Frank, for all you have done and your leadership in these efforts!

    *Jim Dillon*

    “We but mirror the world. All the tendencies present in the outer world are to be found in the world of our body. If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change. As a man changes his own nature, so does the attitude of the world change towards him. This is the divine mystery supreme. A wonderful thing it is and the source of our happiness. We need not wait to see what others do.” – Mahatma Gandhi


  5. Frank,
    Thanks for your contribution to me and the community. I love the references and will pick a podcast to add to my list.
    I agree with most of your viewpoints but I want to challenge the self-depreciating comment, the second bullet point. I appreciate your humility but your thoughts and friendships are adding an important perspective and don’t need to be compared to anyone. They have been important to me and as you put it added to the exponential increase about race/racism.
    Be well, stay safe..until our paths cross again.


  6. Although I will miss your more frequent posts, so filled with candor, wisdom, self-examination, and thoughtful prompts for the reader to consider and act upon, I affirm your decision to refer to others and to allow yourself to focus on the police issue. i will pass this posting along, with its good resources, to friends and family, as I have before. Good luck, good man!


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