Previous Work

The following is the content I had on my website related to my previous work, while I had my Coaching practice:

All pages from the “old website content” have an [Archived] prefix, except for the articles that have been grouped as a resource library. It’s kept for the benefit of colleagues, past clients and interested people like you

My past life

The “Archived” portion of this site relates to my previous focus as a leadership coach and a consultant to family-owned businesses.  This section includes a number of articles on matters of interest to organizational leaders.  You are welcome to browse and to borrow!  I am no longer active in this work, but I refer you with confidence to people who have an extensive background in these fields:

John Engels:  Leadership Coaching, Inc.

Nessa Kiely:  The Kiely Company, LLC

Barbara Osterman:  Human Solutions, LLC

James Ramerman:  Ramerman Leadership Group