[Archived] Testimonials

Here are some of the gains cited by clients over the years:

I very much appreciated Frank’s assistance in grappling with some emerging issues in the Rochester Police Department. Our discussions were extremely helpful to me and clearly reinforced my future path with some very difficult but important decisions.
Robert Duffy, Chief of Police, Rochester, NY

I have experienced a huge leap in trust within the organization.  I am more relaxed and more comfortable with the relationships both with family members and my management team.  My focus has been redirected to leadership from command.  And succession planning has replaced production planning.  The organization is more able to go where I want it to go, and to do so without me as well as with me.  Distributing responsibility, and discussing goals rather than performance, have resulted in a better bottom line, happier, more capable employees, and a more satisfied and energized me.”
Ross Kitt, President, General Code Publishers Corp.

Frank has a gift which is very rare: He is able to help other entrepreneurs sort out their innermost feelings about their business as it connects to their very soul.  I have found Frank’s non-anxious, reflective manner to help me bring forth revelations about myself that have led to new heights of performance and achievement.”
Mary Frances Winters, President, The Winters Group

I am consistently impressed with Frank Staropoli’s unusual insight into the problems of business owners and executives.  His training and coaching have helped me increase my effectiveness with both staff and clients.”
Frank Payne, President, CEO, Capital Business Advisory Group, Inc.

The feedback process helped me focus through the eyes of others, and come to grips with what others experienced when I spoke.  I now have the tools to develop much better working relationships in all directions.  I’ve gained the freedom not to carry the total burden of things, but to connect with others, to the team.  This has opened up tremendous new opportunities for me.  I’m more energized and excited about my career and life in general than I ever was.”
William Pool, Manager of Food Safety and Regulation, Wegmans Food Markets

Through Frank’s coaching, I have improved the effectiveness of my own leadership, facilitation, and coaching.  He has helped me to learn to choose more selectively how and when to intervene so that I am able to focus my energies where I will have the greatest impact.”
Elizabeth Skrainar, Director, Human Resources, Harris RF Communications

I have found working with Frank a thoroughly positive experience.  My management team learned new and effective ways to communicate with each other and has become a more cohesive unit.  We had tried other team-building efforts before, but the process and skills we learned have continued well beyond the conclusion of our sessions with Frank.”
Seth Oser, President, Oser Press, Inc.

Frank has been my coach for more than seven years. With the assistance of his coaching, I have successfully made a career transition, tapped into an inner strength at times of personal and professional challenges, and found long-sought balance in my life. If you are ready to make a significant change in your professional life, I recommend a coach, and I highly recommend Frank Staropoli.”
Dr. John Brennan, President, Interpersonal Development

For years I felt I was a developed leader and manager.  By working with Frank through assessment and coaching, I soon learned how much I didn’t know.  Identifying and strengthening skills required to be an effective leader is what Frank does best.  We needed personal as well as group consulting to become an empowered organization, and Frank does both extremely well.”
Terry Ward, President, Ward Supply Company, Inc

Leadership is truly a journey, there are no shortcuts, and Frank’s coaching gets you to understand this simple but difficult concept.  He has helped me move along the continuum.  His coaching continues to invite me to the world of curiosity rather than a judgment about myself and others.  I have also learned to trust my own instinct, and to celebrate the good things in life.”
Henry Marini, CFO, Rochester City School District

I truly enjoy my working relationship with Frank, not only for what we accomplish in any given meeting but the value I have derived from working with him over time.  It’s his approach that I appreciate most: his continued insight and creativity on how to help me improve as a leader, and his help to our management team to better serve our company.”
Steven von Berg, President, Synergy, Inc.

Frank Staropoli’s amazing abilities have allowed me to better understand, connect with and effectively address a host of internal fears that were literally robbing me from the joys of life itself.  Through his powerful insight and masterful guidance, I have become more capable of viewing life from that wonderful perspective of curiosity.  My relationships with my wife, my daughters and my coworkers have reached new plateaus, bringing to me not only business success but a peace of mind that I have never before experienced.”
David Pastore, President, Upstate Roofing, Inc.