In Case You Missed It

I’m traveling for a bit, but wanted to keep to the schedule for post publication.  I realize a number of subscribers who have joined more recently might be interested in some past posts, and that those who subscribed early on may have had to miss some along the way.

So I’m listing several past posts.  Choose one, or two, or five that pique your interest:


Unpacking a White Mind


The Two Rochesters


A Critical Missing Element: Urgency!


Meeting the “Welfare Queen”


Angry Black People


Authentic Relationships


You may still add replies to any of these posts.

Thank you for reading.  And a special thanks to my editor Mary Heveron-Smith!

See you in September!

2 thoughts on “In Case You Missed It”

  1. Frank, I’m interested in readers (and your) thoughts around the recent Op-Ed. by Rachael Barnhart. “City’s New Editor is Problematic. Here’s Why”. Rachael is always running for something, Would appreciate broader thoughts. I am concerned that City Paper is now under the umbrella of WXXI, little Theatre etc. All organizations I support but………..once institutions that were started under the good intentions of white liberals are concentrated under one umbrella , simply continues white supremacy.


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